My pencil work in progress!

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Incredible! You are really good :)

this guy is a FRAUD don't support him most pics are from completely different artists! HELP get this account shut down!! HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED I REPEAT!

Beautiful shading and these hairs looks so real...
Bless :)

Take a look at this WISDOM WRITE up . Please upvote and resteem am a student trying to make ends meet through Steemit. thanks

Another wonderful piece!! SUNSHINE247

Thanks my sunshine

You bet Friend!!! You are starting to rock and roll!!! I am happy for you :) SUNSHINE247

Outstanding drawing. The hair looks real!

o wow it really amazing:) beautiful work.............keep it up.......!!
upvoted you:)

Wawo what a creative work , dude u dnt need to motivate you r a master , keep steeming

Upvoted n resteemed

I've always respected pencil artists that can draw this kind of realism :)

PHONEY!! Hi iconzbranding :) Can you share with me your reason for impersonating the pencil artist? That is painful to see that one would do such thing? I ask that you please describe for us all mainly me what type of person you are? It wrong what you did!!! SUNSHINE247