Coffee Painting Series #35 : Portrait Gethachan (Bilingual)

in art •  4 months ago

Dear Steemians!!

Today I want to share a coffee painting series #35 that I just created. I painted a portrait beautiful girl she is @gethachan who an artist too. This is the third time I painted her portrait because we are so close and we often share about art and others. I really love her who make me never bored to paint it.

Hari ini saya ingin berbagi sebuah lukisan kopi yang ke 35 yang baru saja saya selesaikan. Kali ini saya melukis sebuah potret gadis cantik bernama @gethachan yang merupakan seorang artis juga. Ini kali ketiganya saya melukis wajahnya karena kami begitu dekat dan sering sharing tentang dunia seni dan lain sebagainya. Saya sangat suka parasnya yang cantik yang membuat saya tidak bosan untuk melukisnya, hehehe.


Previously, I created her portrait with pencils, digital and now with coffee, so what's next?

Sebelumnya saya membuat gambar dengan pensil dan digital dan sekarang dengan kopi selanjutnya apa ya?

This also the second painting because yesterday I painted it but I failed so I try to make it once again and the result is not bad than yesterday.

Ini juga gambar kedua karena kemarin saya sempat melukis ini namun gagal tapi saya membuatnya sekali lagi dan hasilnya lumayan daripada kemarin.

The process of making it like usual from sketching, blocking, brushing and finishing. I spent two hours to finished it.

Adapun proses pembuatannya sama seperti biasa mulai dari sketsa, bloking, brushing dan finishing hingga menghabiskan waktu selama 2 jam.

The medium that I used are Nescafe coffee powder, A4 size concorde paper and some brushes.

Media yang saya gunakan adalah kopi bubuk nescafe, kertas concorde ukuran A4 dan beberapa kuas.

Berikut dokumentasi prosesnya








That's all my process of making it. Thanks for visiting my blog and hopefully you like my work and got inspired. I'm happy if you want to try it like I did. If you interested with this post, upvote, resteem and leave your comment.

Regard @huslein.slash


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wow.....your step by step drawing is too good thans=x for sharing with us.....✅ @huslein.slash , I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes!

Thank you in advance


Thank you so much for everything

Hasilnya bagus dan menarik, ayo @gethachan


Hehe makasih bnyk ya, karna orangnya cantik dah pasti gambarnya juga cantik.

Another awesome piece of Piece of art, your coffee painting is quite wonderful and always so very detailed. Truly a wonderful and inspirational piece of work.

#thealliance #witness


Hey thank you so much. How are you my friend long time no see you because I rarely active on this platform. I hope you are always good.

such painting is just wao really my brother is a painter an i know the value of painting


Oh ya? I'm to hear it.

Wah lukisan yang sanget keren banget
Makasih ya kak slash


Makasih banyak de, kak senang klo de suka


Masama kakaku yg keche

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