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RE: The Endless Turbine Drawing (video), Pencil on paper, 2018

in #art6 years ago

I have been imagining this ever since we first chatted about it and it is still cooler than I imagined. The original repeating design blows my mind, so hard for me to visualize that wedge shape into the crazy repeating matrix it turns into. The way your hands kind of morph in and out of existence in radial patterns is awesome, almost seems like some kind of strange visualization to the beat that is happening over the top of the drawing. Love the pan out at the end. THIS IS SOOOOO COOOL!!!!!
Much love - Carl "Totally Not A Bot" Gnash / @carlgnash

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Hey, thank you so much Carl, our discussions contributed a lot on this ^^
And as you already know, I'm working on a new one ;)

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