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RE: Antinous - the concubine of the emperor and the last deity of Greece / Антиной - наложник императора и последнее божество Греции

in #art4 years ago

Wow! You drew this portrait! Amazingly gorgeous, no wonder Hadrian fell in love with him haha ^^ By the way, I can't recommend enough this novel, where Antinous plays a big part:


Thank you, I read the post. If I see this book in Russian, I will definitely read it. What does it say about Antinous? The facts I indicated coincide? By the way, I found the information that Adrian was born in the year 76 !? you have 70 years ... It is necessary to clarify )

Oups, indeed, you are right: 76 AD is the correct date, haha my bad!

You, like the Pythian oracle, gave him six years of life! ;)

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