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Hi, everyone! :)

Unfortunately today I didn't have the time to sit down and draw a more elaborate drawing :( So I decided to practice my portrait drawing and try to improve on drawing the face and facial features. I especially want to improve in drawing more realistic eyes and lips, therefore the drawing I made ^_^


I am very happy with how the eyes turned out! They look nice and reflective, but the lips could do some more work, so I will be practicing that for sure more in the future :)
I called this one Princesslike, because for some reason in my opinion she kinds turned out looking like that XD
For this portrait I used pretty much only colored pencils. I only used watercolor for the base tone :)

I have also been trying to improve my anatomy and do more study on it, so I could more freely draw more complex poses without them looking weird in the end. And I have like 3 sketchbooks that I wish to fill out and finish by the end of the year XD

Hope you guys like it!
Until next time!

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Those are some lovely eyes :) The lips look all right to me too, though I guess if she's wearing lip gloss or something it would need to be shinier? Love the hair flow too :)

Yes, I should have added more shine to the lips, but for some reason when I add highlights to them too much they look kinda weird xd Need to do more study on them.
Thanks for the support, @ryvhnn :)

She has such lovely eyes and the colour is beautiful as well! :D

She has beautiful big eyes and I love her skin tone as well. She is very pretty :)

Glad you like it, @delishtreats <3

She does kinda look like Belle a bit to me :D I like her eyes, too, @hentikage ! They are pretty and they have a lovely soft and romantic expression to them :D

Now that you mention it, she does look like Belle xd it sure wasn't intentional, but I cannot unsee it now
Yes, I am proud of how the eyes turned out as well, was doing a study on them earlier before the drawing and it sure had results :))