Parent-Child Time : Drawing With My Son 亲子时间:和孩子一起画西瓜。

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Hi steemians:

These days it was very hot in my city, and I think in such hot days some fresh fruits are very popular with people, such as watermelon. My son like to eat it very much. Today the painting I shared was done by my son and I, which is very easy.. And this is my first time to draw a painting with him. I really enjoy it.


国画里得写意西瓜 非常简单,有空可以和小朋友们一起来创作你们的冰爽西瓜吧。

The Process:




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the best berry for the hot day to eat :D




@helene the work is really very beautiful and warm, the warmth lies in the beauty of doing a job together with our children or loved ones, these pleasant moments stimulate the family bond
I wish you a beautiful weekend

thanks@jlufer, thank you for your warm words. Yeah, I really like to paint it wih him. when I heard that he wanted to paint watermelon, I readily accepted.



It's really a nice and "fresh" drawing, it's nice to know that you did it with your son! ^_^

thank you@silviabeneforti.^_^

I congratulate you, your son has a genuine talent, he demonstrates that he does it with great passion, when he will be an artist. It is nice to share moments like this with our children.

You and your son has artistic and creative talent of drawing , the watermelon drawing was unique and colorful


Well done to you and your son. It really looks refreshing, and watermelon is very cooling on hot days.

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