Lotus Pond 荷塘水榭

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The weather are so hot, so today I want to paint a common scenery in summer to cool me. I wish I had been there. In this painting, painting these trees is rather time-consuming. It took me some time in the morning and in the evening to finish it. Though the title is lotus pond, you can find these gentle trees look more beautiful. Nature is always so beautiful, but they never say. As an old saying goes "The Great Beauty of Heaven and Earth is Silence."


Material 所用 工具:

Chinese brushes 毛笔2 只
Xuan Paper (raw rice paper) 生宣纸
Chinese painting color : 中国画颜料
Chinese ink 墨汁

The Process:









@helene You are very talented, your work is exquisite, I love the pond of the residence and its leafy trees, tranies a cool breeze.
congratulations for the gift you have
I wish you a beautiful weekend

thank you so much @jlufer. Yeah, I also love these leafy trees, which gives me a elegant feeling.

I love Chinese watercolor look. I've tried to do it myself but to no avail, but this gave me a few ideas. Your work looks wonderful!

thank you @angelicapickles, glad you love Chinese watercolor look. Chinese painting is a traditional painting, not like watercolor or oil painting. It need a kind of special paper called Xuan paper, which absorb water easily and then you can paint on it with brushes.
btw, where are you from?

these trees look like real, you have talent :)

I wanted to paint a few kinds of different trees, but at last, I gave up. I think that is too much trouble. So, I made them look identical. haha..

it came out very nice, try to do more :)




It's coming out so nice, very impressive!!!


The painting gives a very serene feeling of nature

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