My Painting: Pine Tree 偶来松树下,高枕石头眠。

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Hi steemians:

In the north of China, it is cold in winter. The flowers have faded, grass and trees have also withered. Only pine trees are still green. Standing on the cliff in obscurity, it looks fresh and refined, bringing vigorous signs of life. It has masculine beauty that no matter how hard it is, it still stands tall and straight. Its adamant spirit will last forevery.

Today I'd like to share with you the painting inspired by a poem. It told us that one person fell asleep under the pine tree and looked upon the stone as pillow. when he woke up, he didn't know the exact time, for he was on the mountain and couldn't feel the passing of the time.


Chinese brush
Chinese painting color
Xuan Paper

The Process 过程:












Thank you.

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上色前、後都有不一樣的美!! :)




原來啊~~ @@
上完也是別有番風味呢!! :D

I love it! both your artwork and the tree!
it's the same here
they're pretty tough aren't they?
they're the only leaved trees even in extreme winter
and they keep the place have a touch of green in winter here :)


Yeah, they are the only leaved trees in winter in here.. I can’t see any green plant except it....
I admire you have a warm greenhouse to keep your plant..




很美,而且很有禅意。谢谢分享 :)

wow what a great post! Your art is wonderfully elegant and very refined.


thank you.

I love how you put every step of your creation. I am trying to draw also but not yet with colors. Just black and white


that’s good..

Thank you for the inspiration.

wow that is so lovely. appriciate your talent.

your art very wonderfull

Amazing nice painting

Wonderful technique. Haven't seen anyone paint like this in a long time. Really enjoy this, thank you.


thank you, @olkodesign, this is traditional Chineses painting. Glad you enjoy it.

Awesome..........just carry on

Is so beautiful!


thank you@gvand.

Amazing photo, keep up the good work!
Thats interesting. Thank you for sharing.
upvote back please

nice , i am also an art lover ..keep it up dear

Beautiful work I love, here I leave my vote.


thank you for your support.:)

I like the version just before you coloured it. Looks so cool with all the different lines.


Really? if I knew it, I wouldn’t paint it. haha. save my time...

thank you for stopping by@ewkaw


Haha But it's your paining :) I generally like those simple sketches.

好看(。・ω・。)ノ♡我的颜料已经寄到公司了,不出意外我明晚应该可以开始画了!(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)



Loving the hand crafted art the best!

Very nice painting! It's always interesting to see how you make your traditional art! It's so impresive!


amazing 👏

Hello, I'm very good at the drawing, and very good the story, visit mu Blog, a hug

Good artwork

Amazing. Great work!




I love the traditional style of this work.



Good progress @helene! :)

Indeed beautiful art work helene. Loved it. You have articulated it well.
Regards Nainaz




Wow! You caught a moment in time, @helene
Beautiful drawing.

That is a lovely piece. I have always enjoyed the painting style, but I know very little about it. This post shed some light on that, thank you!

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Looks interesting ... and it's nice that you showed the progress of the picture :-)