How I paint comics: The Techno Templar #42

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Devlok_the_techno_templar_page_42_crop 1.jpg

Another peek into the making of my 100% watercolour and thinliner sci-fi/surreal/post-machine-domination-and-decline comic.


In the previous page, the generation process of a new hybrid species (a combination of Lardossian, synthe-human and supra-compressed data) went well and the being hatches. However, at the same time, a pack of erratic techno-zombie is breaching in the silo's room...
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Devlok_the_techno_templar_page_42_crop 2.jpg

Devlok_the_techno_templar_page_42_crop 3.jpg

Devlok_the_techno_templar_page_42_crop 4.jpg

Devlok_the_techno_templar_page_42_crop 5.jpg

If you don't know, "Devlok, the Techno-Templar" is a 54 pages illustrated story I wrote and produced between 2016 and 2017 in Berlin. I self-published it through two volumes (European format - Soft cover) comprising more short stories and art.


The story board.

Penciling. If you haven't read my earlier posts, I must explain that everything is directly made on a watercolour Arches 300g. sheet that is watered, then sticked with kraft paper over a light wood board. After drying, it is tensed and can handle very liquid paint without warping.

First inkings. Light outlining with new details.

Aaah, the erratic proto-techno-zombies. The remains of thousands of years of genesis experiments, my favorites! ...

... all right, just erasing the pencil here.

Coloring. Like always, starting with some of the darker zones and Devlok's jacket!

There I am already re-outlining some parts. Sometimes I should wait longer for this but I often succumb to the temptation.


After this, there's still a bunch of details to add, re-outlining, whites, cast shadows. Till the end.
Then it is scanned, the gutter is cleaned and I add the thought bubbles and text.


Thank you Steemoids, for having read my post!

For more art, visit my official website

If you want more info about the books, check out those flick through.

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fantastic work...just fan - f*cking- tastic


Hey thank you so much ;)


they all got bisected :D

Really cool, @haedre ! I love it <3


Hawhaw, "bisected", excellent ;)


Really awesome page! Like how you used the small boxes for close ups making it more dynamic and also like the cut offs and movement. Awesome work again @haedre keep them coming :)

Upvoted and resteemed ofcourse :)


Thank you @sanderjansenart! Yeah with comics the way you play with the boxes is super important, this is really how you manage time within the action.

Thanks again .)

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It is nice to see all the process you go through.


Thank you so much @ideaspace!

Best art on here imo XD


Thank you @miggyfr!

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Whoaaa some action and violence! This page is so cool.
Drawing is very nice, as always ^_^.


Hahaha, thank you @scrawly!!!

still a great Supporter of your Work, waiting for Band 3 <3

greetings from Leipzig, Benny


Hey @bearded-benjamin !!! Long time no heard of you, crazy food I see on your page, hawhaw!!
Unfortunatelly no band 3 in view at the moment but a new project I try to finish the story right now, definitely keeping you in touch :)

Feels good to have something great accomplished, right? Thank you for the insights. How long, would you say, took it from the first sheet/Canvas you bought until you held the first print in your hand?


Hey thank you @siarachaz! Indeed, finishing something is a long time leitmotiv!
For this comic, I started around begin of 2016, got a first chapter done and printed in may of the same year, coming along with art and other shorts. Then it continued till oct. 2017 with several other editions plus the second book.

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Amazing and always impressed with your process shots. It really does take a lot to create such pieces. I know, even my simple black and white inks I Love to do the preparation of sketching and laying out is pretty involved. That final phase though is the zen moment :)


Thank you for commenting @donnadavisart, glad you appreciate those posts :)

Indeed, last phases are hypnotics :D

Gotta love those sketches turning into awesome illustrations 💙
Awesome artwork @haedre 🎉🎨👏


Thanks a lot for the comment @melooo182!

Beautiful work, @haedre! Your style is really phenomenal! Extremely cool! 😎


Hey I am glad you're appreciating =)

🎉 Congratulations @haedre! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


Ow yeah, thank you @melooo182!

Hello @haedre, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Hey thank you so much @creativecrypto!!!!

fantastic work, I am impressed! Great videos - I am going to save them on my vimeo account.
upvoted and resteemed


Otto! Thank you for commenting, I am super glad you like it, that is an honour -)