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The finished artwork + its complete descriptive process + details. Second part.


This is cosmic art I do for X:Ploration, a Techno-Electro collective in Berlin. And this one is the latest commissioned by the organiser, @ax10m. Digital versions of it will be used to print promotional material like posters and flyers for their next event, taking place in November 2018 in Suicide Circus Club.
Here's a link towards the Facebook Event.

If you've missed the first part of the process, here it is: Part I

We'll obviously continue from where we were, just after having taken the masking fluid off...

Next step is the planets.

A close up over wet planets, kinda weird.

After a big distress, they seem now to look a bit like ... planetoids at least.

Once everything is dry, let's attack the ships. Starting with the top ones so I can do things down there while waiting the paint to dry.


The top sealing.

And the lower level, that is more into the light.



A light cast shadow over the main ship.

And over the lower structures and ships. Pro tip: Cast shadows like that don't absolutely need to be realistic but they do play a great role in giving depth in the compositition.

Last step, cutting the sheet off the board.

And ...

... voilà! Here's the definitive artwork. Ready to embark.
After that, I scan the work and send the digital file to my client.









Here are some crops used for the event's banners.

FB evnt Ban 1.jpg


Thank you for having read my post -)

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That is really awesome artwork, bud!

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Hey cool community system. Makes the curation trails much easier to do. And I'm glad it's more about art and graphics. Good one.

Aaaaaa thats amazing traditional is one truely cool art forms! The space is so cool
Although id like it if itd have more darker tone but maybe its just me because I find space cold dark and lonely


Thank you for appreciating @maya525! Yeah I'd like to get darker space too! It's just that with watercolor it's somehow better to make stuff like nebulas and gas clouds but indeed they could still be surrounded by super dark abyssal desolate cosmos ;)

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What an amazing design you have created for X:Ploration. You always have such a beautiful use of subtle colour and tone in your work.


Thank you @opheliafu, really glad you're enjoying it =)

Wow! This is much better than I expected! The detail is amazing!



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Love this, @haedre ! As usual, your work is immense and wonderful ! To me, you are not only a master of detailing and inking and watercolors, but your skill in creating a sense of scale is unparalleled !!! * ___ *

The space station feels huge and impressive, and those docking ships looks like they can take heaps and heaps of passengers, through the docking elephant trunks... There is a great sense of space exploration here and I love that !!!

Wonderful work <3

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Happy you're digging it @Spider! =)
Thanks for the comment!

LOve the end result and cool to o see the progress shots


Thanks for appreciating @tatoodjay!


Most welcome

You are always so good at drawing these space ship artworks. I really enjoy looking at how intricate the galaxies that you drew in the background, it takes a special skill not to mess up drawing the dark space, as it can get cluttered pretty easily.        
Amazing details on the space ship part as well, you never skimp on those little things that bring the picture into life. Mad respect :).        

Awesome work, @haedre! There's so many details in there! Simply amazing artwork! Well done! 😃


Hi, I love your drawing.
the step by step is spactacular
good day

Woooow amazing artwork again and love seeing all those shots. Really like the background it's really impressive with all the dots and details. The space station looks immense and love all the tiny details. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art again!

Upvoted and resteemed :)


Thanks for the nice words @sanderjansenart!

Thanks for the great work again!
I'm always amazed by the love for details and to see the whole work process behind until it is unfold and finished. great skills and i love it!


Hey thanks to you @ax10m!

You are genius with your 'splatter'. I mean that in the best way, that spray of sky/space is breathtaking, I love it.


My favorite work this week whole, and it's only Monday!

I always enjoy your work, the depth, the detail, and the opportunity to leave the solar system.

Amazing as always maester @haedre! 👨‍🎨

Oh my god. I love your artwork. Very talented. Resteemed!


Awesome! Thank you so much for the great work @haedre!


Thanks to you too @voronenka!

Oh my god you are so insanely talented, I wish I had the patience for this kind of detail too. Loved the close ups.