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Animated Fractals #71: Lines + Tentacle Style 400 Fractals Used To Create Animation

in art •  5 months ago

This fractal animation has been created and rendered using JWildFire 3.3.1 in the Lines and Tentacle styles

All of the fractals used to render this animation are of my own creation and settings, please feel free to check with an image reverse search.

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This will be the last animation where I render 2 different styles within JWildFire, instead from now on I will render a single style, then after every 10 different posts I will do a recap video with the 10 previous animations in. This will make the videos a little longer and will show a variety of fractal styles. Then I can create a mega animation where I take the previous 10 x 10 to create a video with 100 different fractal styles and animations in.

I believe this method will be much better as you can see in today's animation that the first "lines style" fractal simply moves as a whole. This is due to the different layers used in each fractal style, the tentacle has more movement as it has more layers that are independently movable.


My inspiration for today's animation comes from sacred geometry and the way that fractals will randomly generate these geometric shapes when given random mathematical settings.

Interesting Fractal Fact

Did you know that coastlines of countries are fractals in nature?
Yup, at a ratio of anywhere between 1.1 and 1.6 dimensional..

Fractal Animation

First & Last Renders


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This is my today's best blog...

Great information with explanation


Thanks @bharat273 really appreciate the kind words 🙂

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