🎨 Teeth - original ink drawing

in art •  8 months ago 

And ink drawing I did some time ago in commission for a dentist:

2015-07-03 Zähne.jpg

Teeth 2015-07-03

Ink on paper
27 x 34 cm / 10.63" x 13.39"

2015-07-03 Zähne.jpg

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So much details!!!
it feels like its a very huge set of teeth about open and some horror is about to come out it!
Definitely filled with so much mystery ! <3

Dang how much detail, and with ink! That's hard to archieve. Congratulations!

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I want a set like that ......

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Very nicely done - I know how hard it is to make ink drawings - have made several myself - great job :)

Again and again looking this in my blog 👍👏😊😍🤬

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Thats some nice gigerish-beksinskis tooth fortress :D

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This is surreal and amazing @gric

Hey man, you should join Whaleshares. I am involved with an amazing community there that I think would love to support your work.

Very neat! I'd like to see that on the wall when I'm next at the dentist!

Oh... When I was doing my anatomy studies for the skull, this part was my favorite.
I love how you kept the "Teeth" clean of detail, leading the eye... And creating this frame that makes it pop out like flair in the darkness... The perspective angle... I love it, but you already know that :D

Sick dude, I dig it.

lovely! I hope you're dentist client was happy with these! They are beautiful : )