🎨 Adding blooming with my favourite tool, the airbrush

in art •  11 months ago

Bright light is always blooming out into the surrounding darker areas. The best way to paint this phenomenon is to use the airbrush.

Also check the previous post of this series.




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i am wating your blog post. your post every time pretty



It's a lot better I think your machine will help you to get new and better pictures and we can see new pictures, thank you very much for sharing your new bouquet with us.



got to get an airbrush course from you. Never done it. I use my fingers for such - but that looks more efficient.


It can be messy at times and you have to be very careful not to forget the color to dry inside the airbrush.

It's amazing how one little thing, like airbrushing bloom on these bright highlights, can just add so much more to the little details of a piece. That's one of my favorite aspects of your work: the extreme attention to detail. Thanks for showing us another one of your tricks. Looks great!


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