Fractal Art Chakra Style & Explanation - (1) - By: Mr. Michael

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Hello Steemians,

Back in highschool I used to make fractal art a lot. I used to have my own style and put my spin on every graphic I made. I am trying really hard to dig up all the ones I made, I have them somewhere backed up. So far I can't find them. I know they are on my old computer which is dead, I might be able to slave the hard drive to recover them. I really hope I get them back. I'd really like to share it with the Steemit community. In the mean time I used my buddies old computer to make this one tonight. The computer is really shitty I tried my best dealing with the slowness and frequent freezing. When I used to make them I could sit at the computer for hours working on the same one. I had a method to my fractal madness.

(smaller sized image about 100 dpi)

If i can recover the older ones I did you can clearly see my sense of style in each one, but they all were different and unique. This one I spent about 2 and a half hours because of the dam computer, couldn't dial in to much especially with the blur after messing with the same shapes over and over again. Let me explain briefly how I make my fractal art.

Kick up photoshop. Choose a very dark background. The style and pieces I put together always started from one shape or shapes. I would mash them together and they would be the size of the canvas. Once I liked the shape I tune it into a fractal like pattern. I take that pattern and make it smaller. That would be the center. I would repeat this process over and over and over again. Until theres a poster sized image thats unique to my liking. Theres tons of steps you can take in between to make it even more in depth. But thats pretty much it. My old ones were very detailed, I remember spending days on the same one. They were all showcased when I was in high-school. If this made no sense to you, I'm sorry. Maybe in the future, when I have a decent computer I'll make a video on how to make these. There easy in the beginning and can get very involved. Its almost therapeutic.

(300 dpi)
Here is the full sized image if you like to see it.

I really wanted to change the pace tonight instead of my traditional drawings and cartoons. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did making it! I'll make more in the future.

Edit: I also entered this into the ArtExplosion contest! This is perfect for the theme of time in an intellectual sort of way. I hope they all like it, shout out to @juliakponsford ! Keep up the good work! :)

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Reminds me of my Omland Security piece!!


Whats up man!? Interesting artwork!

I love seeing old work from high schools and beyond. I often forget, how much I’ve changed since then. You should recreate the same artwork especially drawings to see if you notice all the ways you’ve improved. What do you say, up for the challenge?

The one on this post is not an old one I created it today. I plan on doing more fractals in my style, challenge accepted! Especially when I have a better pc. Thanks for checking out my work :).

high! i like this chakra~fractal~art from you! ;)
here are my drafts from mb3d:
I'm going to have fun in your Stick-Figure contest! :)
Best wishes!

good luck and remember to post your submission on my contest post!

hi... wonder full post friend

thank you!

you are most wellcome friend

Hy! I am a bot and I find your post valuable for the art community! Thanks for great post! I follow you!

You got a 23.00% upvote from @bid4joy courtesy of @gre3n!

Hey, therapeutic activities are a trend nowaday you know. Just make up 20 or so of "how to do this" videos, and you have your of Steemit alternativ to yoga activites, and profit on it :)
Nice catch anyway. Good luck!

🤔.... Hmm well.... I know that when I can get a computer I will start making some more videos deffinitly. Thanks and steem on!!

Very cool thanks for joining us !

Thanks! @juliakponsford join my contest it's easy! Would be great to have you in it. See my latest post. If not it's all good. :)

HI @gre3n!!! This is a really great piece of art. I love that you like to share your process. It's so very helpful for other artists to be able to glean some new skills.

I'm not certain if you actually transformed my image, or if this is a stand alone piece? By the colors it looks like it could be a derivative of mine, but since you don't mention it or show the steps, I'd like you to confirm that you created this image from my Take Action Collaborative Art Journey . Please update me so I can add this image to the finale.

Hello @everlove, your on the wrong post :) !! All good check this link out for the art work I did with your image.

Hope you like it, thanks!!

OH my gosh....just went to this link !! What a beautiful piece of art! I love it. The link you left me in the comment section of my post brought me here. I can easily see how your other piece was made from my image.....amazing transformation. Thanks for the clarity!!!

I'm sorry!! I messed up go figure haha I'm glad you like it!!!!

It's cool. Just glad to find the work and be amazed by it! Thanks @gre3n!

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