Art Exploxion: My Digital Painting of my friend - CARTOON ART

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My humble greetings to my fellow Steemians.

Initially, I posted my first digital art work here some days ago and most people love it.

Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Today, I present another digital painting I did. it's a cartoon work I personally did with a design software called Photoshop.

Design App: Photoshop
Version: Photoshop Cs6
Device: A Laptop
Art by: @GraceHills



The first stage of this kind of art requires that you cut out the main image. That could take about two-fifth of an hour (twenty four seconds) if you're pretty fast.

Meanwhile, some pictures are very complicated because of complex pixels and almost-hidden details. The skill of the cartoonist becomes material.

After cutting, I went to stroke the image using the stroke function provided on the design app.

Afterwards, the pen tool was used to draw out the lines, little by little. I prefer starting with the head, but for some cartoonists, they'd rather prefer starting with the background image.

The predominant tool used here is what is called the pen tool. It is found in the tool vertical rectangular box. By position, it's the fifteenth tool you'll find there (depending on the version you're using); very powerful.



Up next is the painting stage. This phase requires the basic understanding of color usage and application.

You must follow the principles of design, otherwise, your client will not find delight in your work.

An average artist should be able to know how to play with colors.

Another important thing to note is the need to be careful as well as the application of details. It could be challenging, but a lot of work has to be done to get the best.


Hehehe... I initially omitted the beards before, now I had to fix it.

If I would do a cartoon job for my brother and omit the beards, he'll almost kill me. Just like some clients, he's a lover of beards. He doesn't joke with them.

Phew! Any 'Delilah' that plans to take them off heads for an impossible mission. I'm not a fan of beards though...



Mock-ups are used for presentation purposes. They also beautiful the work.

The choice of mock-up design to be used is fully dependent on the the kind of work and for what purpose it should be used for.

Isaac 1.jpg

We have to see how several colors will match the taste we desire.

Isaac 2.jpg

Then we go for the best.

Isaac 3.jpg

Finally, a basic understanding of Photoshop tools is enough to launch you into this game. It's fun, though sometimes challenging as you can sit for twelve good hours just to complete a work.

For me, I put up a good music to help chill my nerves and take periodic breaks so I don burn out.


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Learning was fun with you..
Well done, i hope to see more challenging works


Awwn... I'm really grateful dear.
Thanks for this very encouraging comment.