Sweets on a breadboard....

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Got the inks all finished up on the latest breadboard I have been working on. This one was a showcase of some of the most popular sweets we bake at my job. Had to make sure I added my favorite the fruit tart on there :) Now it's time to sketch and paint a few more birds to add to the board that is going to the right of this one. There will be five connecting boards, and I have got three of them done so far. I'm super ready to be done with this project, but I think I got quite a few hours left hahaha.

Acrylic and ink on wood....

breadboard sweets2.jpg

breadboard sweets3.jpg

breadboard sweets4.jpg

breadboard sweets.jpg


Thanks for checking out the arts...
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Thank you :)

We are a community of bread bakers on Steemit and regularly resteem posts related to self baked bread ..... but ja couldn't help reateeming your bread drawing :D Great work! Yum yum yum 🥖

Thanks so much :) Had a lot of fun drawing/ painting these foods.

Nice art. You earned my upvote!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the arts :)

oh dude thats so dope.

did you sell the bread board yet ?

Thanks man... def been a journey figuring out how to render all this food hahaha. So I work at a bakery/cafe and these were old breadboards they were getting rid of and asked if i could do a little bit of art. I had to go all out and make a 5 piece connecting painting... lol so these guys are going to get hung up in our cafe. I made a bunch of stickers of all the breads I can mail u some if u want... let me know

Beautiful artistic works I congratulate you

Thanks a lot... was def a journey on these guys :)

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