Orange skull....

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Here's a bit of the art process for the orange skull painting I recently did. I think the flowers on the left are called Angel's Trumpets, or something along those lines haha. I really like how vibrant this one came out, I think it's going to make a really cool sticker once I get around to truing it into one. Just a quick little art update while I finish up the line-work on the food paintings :)

Acrylic and ink on canvas...

orange skull.jpg

The sketch before the mess....

orange skull6.jpg

orange skull5.jpg

orange skull3.jpg

orange skull2.jpg

Thanks for stopping by..


Interesting color for a skull.. and I like that you kept the entire painting in the same tone. It's a great idea to combine something dead (skull) with something alive (flowers) and something giving life (bees). You came up with a cool concept!

I like the final lining. It's distinctive and precise. I enjoy it especially on the bees..

Very well done! :) Thank you for sharing and have a great start of the week!

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I like the choice of colors and symbol. Copper or near copper like colors are what I'm currently exploring into and your work gives me inspiration on pursuing with the color experiments. Really pretty :D

The lilies almost look like bridal veil at a glance, dropping gracefully from behind the skull :) Beautiful piece, @gotmeens <3

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