More little guys....

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Just been finishing up a lot of little bee arts lately. These mini canvas were fun to paint on and it's kinda nice that each one can be finished up so quick compared to the past few large painting I have been working on. Gonna bring these little guys out to the Mother's Day festival I recently did the logo for. Started working on a few watercolor cards as well, Got a few more bees in the painting process :) Gotta try not to get to crazy with the water for the cards though it's always a struggle to not get the paper to buckle. Think i'm going to do a lot of waiting in between layers hahaha.

Acrylic and ink on canvas.....

mothers day4.jpg

All eight of them so far....

mothers day3.jpg

Put them up for sale at my job until the festival :)

mothers day2.jpg

Little first pass on the first card....

mothers day.jpg

Thanks for checking out the arts


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They are super adorable, @gotmeens <3 I love them in a row like that, so cute <3 The colours are very happy and light and I love the little bees, and the gradations in the boxes are so wonderful <3 Gorgeous little pieces, to be sure <3

Thanks so much... I went thru a lot of iterations before I came to one that I finally liked enough to paint all of them. Always fun and frustrating coming up with new creative ideas hahaha :)

As usual great! You are restless and still each time there is something new but also in your so recognizable style.

Thanks so much, much as I pander my art to pay the rent, it's nice to know you can still see a little me in it :)
And damn, those new boat paintings are so legit, the composition is awesome and I'm loving how vibrant the colors are.

Look, I think what ever you paint it will pay rent since you art is so fresh and original that people sure love it. I wish you more money and some serious sales not to think about rent.
Thank you, painting and drawing those boats is sort of relax work for me I tend to do from time time. Like taking a break from some more ''serious'' staff.

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