Jungle plants on a bookmark...

in #art5 years ago

Was just doing a little plant sketching the other night and thought as usual, this would make a good bookmark haha. Seems like I'm making these more often lately, but my friend won't stop reading so i'm not sure what I can really do about it :) Gonna sketch up a few more plants, and might have to make more of these in a few different shades of green. Thanks for checking out this quick little art project.

Ink on paper....

jungle plants 2.jpg

Here's the sketch from my book...

jungle plants 3.jpg

And a little light sketch on the bookmark before the inking begins...

jungle plants.jpg

Thanks again for checking out the arts...
Instagram: instagram.com/cardboart


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Those leaves are so luscious! Love the shape and how they bend and how you inked the outline <3

You should totally keep making them bookmarks as long as your friend keep on reading books :D Why not! Such a wonderful partnership <3

These are so cool, I love how you maintain the crisps in every lines of the leaves ! It also really feels tropical for me !

I also followed you on instagram ! Your artworks are dope !!!!
I really hope I could buy your mugs

The good thing about bookmarks like this is the extra care taken to never ever lose them ;D I've lost countless bookmarks but have hung on to a cute panda one my daughter made for me years ago. Think that will stay til it falls apart (as it's made of normal printing paper).

Your friend probably just wants an entire set of awesomeness XD

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