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Back at these breadboards and this time i'm doing a bunch of pasteries. There is a cupcake, a chocolate crossiant, a lemon cheesecake, a fruit tart, and a stack of cronuts (doughnuts made out of crossiant dough) I got everything all painted up and now am just working on the outlines. Been able to finish one food a day after work so this one should be fully finished shortly. After this one get all finished up there are only 2 more left before I can hang them all up. If only I had more hands...... hahaha.

Acrylic and ink on wood..




Thanks for checking out the arts...
Instagram: instagram.com/cardboart


I feel like having such a cupcake right now! It looks so delicious! And that croissant doesn't look bad either :) I like the colorful background. They are perfect for such delicate pastry :)

You say that: This time I'm doing.. does that mean that this is a part of a bigger project? It would sound interesting!

And now I'm going to bake a cake as you make me feel like having something sweet :)

Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

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