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Just working on something colorful today, a few hummingbird bookmarks for a friend. Have a bunch of little scraps that would make perfect bookmarks so I figured I might as well make a mess on a few of them. Had been seeing a few hummingbirds around lately and really like how vibrant they are, and how many different colors/ shades they come in. Picked a few colors I really liked and started sketching today and here's a bit of the end result.

Acrylic and ink on paper.

hummingbird bookmark2.jpg

Here's the sketch and a bit of the painting process.

hummingbird bookmark.jpg

hummingbird bookmark4.jpg

hummingbird bookmark3.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the arts....


That's really neat, @gotmeens, I like how you're using a very eclectic 'canvas' with drawing the hummingbirds straight over the text :) Really cool, and it gives an unusual feel of being able to re-use things, like an eco-friendly vibes <3

Beautifully done hummingbirdies, also <3 Love the blues and the greens * ___ *

Thanks a lot.... my friend is kind of a hoarder so it really works out with all the different options i get to paint on weird things lol. Really was looking for a color pop on this one, really glad it shows :) Thanks again

I LOVE these, dude! I adore the recycled 'canvas' idea- growler tags, too! So dope! I have been doing a lot of brainstorming trying to come up with neat ideas to incorporate reusing and repurposing into my artwork... so many possibilities! Also, we must've used the same reference photo cause our hummies are in the same pose! I lol'd pretty good:

Thank you very much.... I have to tell my friends don't leave anything around me that you don't want to get a little bit of art spilled onto it hahahaha. We def must have been looking at the same pic for our arts. Really like the flowing feeling of your bird, and of course the colors :)

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