New stickers.....

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Recently been going thru some works I have done in order to find something new to turn into a sticker. It seems like it would be an easy task, but a lot of the time without having the idea to make the art a sticker in advance a lot of it doesn't transfer so well. Sometimes it's just half a animal or object, or it's placed behind other things in the piece. But after a little bit I think I found a few new ones to add to the collection haha. Some from a recent commission and a few from the breadboards I have been working on recently. Here's the few new ones that I made today.

yarrow sticker4.jpg

yarrow sticker3.jpg

yarrow sticker2.jpg

yarrow sticker.jpg

Thanks for checking out the new arts...


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Thank you :)

Very interesting shapes, @gotmeens :) They make very cool stickers, I think :D I like the design for each of them, and the colours are very nicely painted too <3

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