Drawing while in a blackout - The Dragon Queen - Original draw

in art •  last month

After more than 36 hours without electricity due to an explotion in the main dam of the country, I decided to draw something to wait for it to be fixed, not knowing that it will be more than a day.

Killer Queen



This is Lhadygarn, was born a thounsand years ago and is the oldest and fiercest of them all, giving birth to a lot of strong dragons and leading them to conquer the world, has fought many battles and many creatures have falling down her wings, the mountains tremble with her voice and humankind is nothing but a little obstacle on her mission.
years had passed and nothing could stop her but her age was starting to put an end to her reign of terror over the land as she was getting weaker day by day. One night she crawled out her lair after giving birth one of his offspring making her even weaker. When she finally arrived the land of men she was recived by a great batallion of men leading by a young maiden, Lhadygarn managed to killed almost the entire batallion but was to tired, more than a thounsand years old and after giving birth nothing was let to say, this young maiden gave her the last stab right in the neck, cutting her head off, many dragons felt her soul when she passed away and one little dragon went to the lair where she brought the last child, and for the surprise of them all, her form was human with big feet and all dragons felt him like one of them brothers.


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Nice work!

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I've heard about that black out already. I'm sorry for all of you who have to struggle with such things..

Is this your own story? I've never heard of this dragon so I wonder if you also write..

It looks strong, angry and dangerous. Wouldn't like to come across it ;)

I hope that situation in Venezuela will get better very soon! Take care and stay safe.

Thank you for sharing!


yes, te story and drawing are my own, I like to create a story to my drawings, and thanks for your wishes, I hope it gets better soon, too.

She sounds like a ferocious character that lived a long life ! That is a good drawing for such an epic story, @gooze ! Love how she's roaring ! The shading on her neck is really nicely done :D

I hope the blackouts have ended! What an awful period it has been for you !


Thanks @veryspider I like her too, haha. Yes the blackout ended, its been awful for us all to tell the truth. It will end soon.

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