Drawing while I work #27 - Tenshiryu ready to fight - Original draw and story.

in art •  last month

Ready for the fight and to get his son back.



Tenshiryu looks at his former companion with a bit of nostalgic and a lot of anger, he knows how much he fought to get out of the life of killing, and to wander around to clean his mess and get rid of his sins.
They looked at each other and knew that one of them would be dead by the end of the fight, Kawatsu, his oponent, knew very well the way tenshiryu fights, they were together 10 years working as the best killers someone could hired, tenshiryu was in disadvantage, one arm was destroyed and was 4 years have passed since he last fought, but also knew that kawatsu was very confident and let his guard down when knew he had a chance, it was something he didn't know he always do but his brother in arm did and was going to use that to his favor and to avenge his wife and to get his son back , he needed to do his his best.

Update on the situation with Venezuela.

The blackout left us with a bad internet connection, that is why I have not posted these days, It been a struggle to be able to connect, it comes and goes it short period of time, I don't know if this is a current situation in other parts of the city but I hope it get fixed soon, I have a wireless connection apart from my main one and that is what I'm using to post right now but is REAL expensive, it is like a phonecall that uses money over time connected but uses A LOT of money for little time. I'll try to connect anytime soon.


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Nice pictures

Interesting story... he's going to battle with an old friend now? Oh, boy!

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Really cool character sketch man 👍 keep it up! 🙌😁

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Oh the continuation of your previous story ! I really like it, @gooze ! Despite his disadvantage, he seems to know his opponent's habits well and I bet he can utilize that information to his benefits :)

I am so sorry about the blackout :( Having denied such things such as electricity and the internet must have caused so much chaos into your life :( I hope you will recover soon...

I might do a post on my blog to try and help out~ Hang in there, @gooze !


Yes, It is the continuation, Thank you @veryspider <3

Hi, @gooze!

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