Drawing while I work #25 - Escaping harpy - Original draw and story

in art •  last month

Escaping from oblivion.

Harpy lady.



Up she goes, determined to fly away from the oblivion of the valley of harpies. they were suposed to live in the highest mountains but when a tyrant came to rule them, afraid of them, cast them to the deepest parts of the valley. This tyrant was afraid of them because of their wings, something happen to the land that all winged creatures lost their wings except for the harpies, giving them and advantage among all creatures and rule the sky.

There are two races of harpies, the hard winged (Bat-like wings)and the soft winged (feather), the ones with hard wings are the fastest as they have to apply more strenght to the movement and the shape of the wings lets them push more air making them faster, on the other hand, the feather harpies are slower and are mostly males so they have a more muscular figure and as result, they are heavier.

This harpy was tired of being in the darkness of their own valley and decided that she would either die escaping or success in the try. She finally found a good spot and started flying, Harpies had a device under the skin that will start to burn as soon as they far pass the limit in the sky but she knew that being fast enough would break the device, she just needed to endure the pain until she reached a clear sky and the device will malfunction. When she reached the limit, another harpy came to stop her, a guardian of the border but for her luck, he was to slow, she finally pass through the limit and could reach a clear sky, being the only one that could escape started to reach for outside help to taken down this tyrant, knowing that a group of other creatures were planning on the same to avenge their former king and to kill Yshtol The self proclaimed king.


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Your stories and sketches are very cool, @gooze! Excellent work!

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