Drawing while I work #23 - Dragon maiden - Original draw

in art •  2 months ago

Teresa, the dragon maiden.


After 36 hours without electricity because of a national shutdown thanks to an explotion in the main dam of the country that feeds all cities had us worried mainly because of the food in our fridges could have gone bad and all the efford to get it would be in vain, Thanks god it did not happen.

Now that the electricity was back on I could upload the drawing I made on thursday, this one is a maiden warrior dress up in a armor made up on dragon scales.
Her name is Teresa, was born in the year 896 of the dragonian fall and was trained to kill all kind of beasts being special in killing dragons which granted her the name of Teresa the dragon maiden. When she was 23 years old she lost her left arm to a stone golem that crushed it with his foot so she replaced it with a guantlet made of a dragon claw.

Teresa guided her army to many battles where not all of them came out victorious, she lost a lot of people close to her which made her even more ruthless at the time she needed to fight, she died at the age of 58 at a war against a hand full of dragon and the last thing she saw was a kid with feet as a dragon and a little dagger ripping her chest while a dragon stood on his shoulder.


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