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I have been enjoying abstract portraiture for the past few month.
This one I did especially for the explosé. But alas I have not managed a post in a while. I will get back to posting soon. Even when I don't post, the explosion prompts often direct my creative processes.
Thank you.

Even though it's too late, I wanted to share the 2 panel acrylic and ink on canvas painting I did this week for the challenge. The many faces of girl b4m.


These are pretty awesome! If you do post them take a look at Alien art of steem community, I think a lot of your art would fit in very well :)

I have a number of art , mix medium and crafty stuff I have been meaning to post. I have been in my own world lately. Early on I shared the things I did or made on steemit, then I found myself doing stuff in order to have something to post. When that happens I think the joy is replaced by manufacturing a post or piece for the purpose of perpetuating a profile. I don't want that to be my reason, I wanted to be genuine. For a time I couldn't do basic daily things (due to health and situational crapola) let alone write or create. It was a difficult and frustrating time. I am still working through stuff, but I told myself if i am able to regain the ability to do my own creative thing again, I will be happy. So I am trying to find contentment within the limitations. Man I can spin a lot of words while disclosing very little. I guess even I got sick of hearing my own spiel, so I stopped, and just let it go, and in doing that I found a starting point again...

Yes!!!!! I have been following Alien art, and have joined the community.

I think I have found a home for my over worked doodles ;)
I have done a bit of reading about the latest developments in steemit politics too... I try to not get involved in these things, but I think when politics has a drastic shift in regime that potentally alters culture and threatens the existence of the shared ideology and social framework that is the basis of the entire construct, everyone needs to be somewhat informed and involved.
On that note, I wonder if I could set you as my proxy for witness voting etc. I have followed you for years now and feel aligned with your vision for steemit and the core values that drive them.

I know what you mean about only creating to post, you have to find the balance and keep the joy! I will be more than happy to see your crazy doodles.

Due to the steem insanity I have a bit behind in curation and posting which is really unfortunate just as communities are coming out, bad timing :/

Feel free to set me as proxy if you like, I have currently set the top 30 REAL witnesses but after this all blows over I will re-evaluate and vote as normal so I would suggest taking it off then and voting yourself :)

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