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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

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I like the bottom guys. Well, the top guy of the bottom guys kind of looks like he is gouging the bottom-most guy's eyes out, but the bottom-most guy has that really fuzzy chin like my dog, so I kind of want to cuddle him. I never expected you to make cuddly art, but here we are.

I was expecting that art link you put up there to be a better effort. That is really obviously just a filter, and it must be obvious to anyone that has owned a cell phone in the last five years. It's great that you are out there patrolling. I recall when that guy stole a bunch of my posts @eveuncovered came to my rescue. She's my hero.


It's not that cuddly. I mean, there's a baby duckling type thing sitting inside of the top dog's mouth. Then, for some strange reason, in the parallel universe, that duckling is some kind of pirate throwing up gang signs.

Is that seriously the same shit head who snatched your stuff?

And yes, that guy is an idiot for saying he "painted" and "drew" those images digitally. Those filters are some of the most common out there. Why spend so much time, using multiple accounts, to attempt to dupe people, when one could literally spend far less time on an actual post that isn't a scam...
I'll never be able to understand this.

No, not the same guy. He is long gone I'm sure. It just made me think of that, and I'm glad that you are out there taking care of things.

A baby duckling sitting inside the dog's mouth, and not eaten - totally cuddly ;)

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