Random fractal Design - "The object"

in art •  10 months ago

Hello my fellow steemians!

After I created my very first fractal design, and posted it here on steemit...well...I kind of got addicted to being able to create these designs.

So yesterday I started off by using Mandelbulber ,but after yesterdays creation I just could not create something which I found to be unique and awesome! After doing some searching on google, I found the tool called visions of chaos and managed to create this image(Known to me as "the object").

The object.jpg

This image has also now become my desktop wallpaper :P...I have a few more creations I will be sharing with you within the next few days =)


Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

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It looks to me like a tree of life and its energy hovering around it.. its a potential object , filled with all it could be and all it could provide.. well thats my thought when I saw it. Dig the colours as well, aqua, teal and turquoise are my favorite colours.


It definitely does @fates... I had no original thought when i first created this fractal, but but now that I read your comment, it does look like it =)

Beautiful! Love the colors.


Thank you =) This one took quite a while to render, wanted to go with a red all over theme, but i think it came out pretty cool =P

Stunning pic..
enjoy the upvote and you can do the same...

Almost seems to be moving!


It does that when you stare at it too long :P

Let me think of an underwater scene, with a coral and some glow fishes swirling around. Nice, I like it!


Im glad you liked it @hope777 =)