Fashion Design Contest Week 2 : Cake Theme

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Hello Fashion People

Today i wanna try to drawing fashion winter season with cake theme and for ocassion is first x date. This kontest that hosted by @scuzzy

If you want to join, you can klik this link below.

Honestly, i never draw clothes for winter season,because in my country Indonesia, we just have rany and summer season.

I want to chalange my self to trying something new. Because that's the way we can have any experience.

For reference i just searchin on google and i choose shortcake for my project today hehe.
Because short cake have good colours thats red, brown and white and i love shortcake so much.


I imagined this shirt was made of thick sweater material and I added a feather accent around my arms to reflect softness.


For the model pose i'm using this pose, you can looks any pose in this link



Lets Drawing!

Step Bye Step






And Finish!




Cool sketch bro

Selalu memukau karyanya😊

Makasih teteh cantik hehe

Emang keren terus karyanya @gethachan ni... 😸

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Makasih yose. Kmu juga keren ko hehe

Wah wah,.. Makasi kak getha, dapet pujian dari kak getha ni bikin semangat terus berkarya... 😊😊😊

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Iya semangaat itu harus bnget dong hehe

Makin keren aja gambarnya @gethachan 👍😊

Makasih ka hehe

Delicious entry! A stunning outfit for a first date. Sure to turn heads. Well done on your interpretation of shortcake!

Thanks for your entry.

Thank you @scuzzy i'm really happy for joining this contest. :)

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