Night of 100 spirits

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Hey guys, decided to add a bunch to the background of this small sketch in my sketchbook.
He's and eternal hermit who's diet consists of fresh water fish, and psychedelic mushrooms, after eating a meal he records his psychedelic visions in ancient guanjin scrolls
I started with the head and worked my way down the body

I'm still experimenting with working with space and dimension from my imagination.

As always there's thing I like and didn't like about what I did, but I learned lessons to improve future Attempts and make the piece read easier. In the scene is Ruppah the hermit writing in a guanjin scroll while eating, as a series of yokai spirits walk past in the background of the forest/field

I worked on it with a drying pentel brush pen in my red Indian paper sketchbook

Let me know what you guys think please upvote if you like it and click on the banner to link to my blog and follow for more daily content

alt text


Whoa I love the background story! What an interesting character. Looking forward to more of this Ruppah fellow.

Do you make this creative art using that pen? Ink pen

yes?? 'I worked on it with a drying pentel brush pen'

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