Another drawing of my original character "Ruppah the hermit"

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Hey guys, I wanted to share a bit of my process for this drawing I made of yokai spirit I've created named ruppah. He's and eternal hermit who's diet consists of fresh water fish, and psychedelic mushrooms, after eating a meal he records his psychedelic visions in ancient guanjin scrolls

I started with the head and worked my way down the body

I worked on it with a drying pentel brush pen in my red Indian paper sketchbook

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Well, I can't draw anything, so to me it looks absolutely fantastic. Really wish I could draw.

Well I taught myself with literally no natural talent, so you probably just wish drawing was easier. I used to spend 8 hours a day studying drawing by myself

"Well I taught myself with literally no natural talent"
You don't know that. At the very least you must have had some interest and the personal quality of patience in learning to draw. My natural interests were in analytical things - hence I am good at maths and enjoy solving maths problems.

"so you probably just wish drawing was easier" - this is true - you need a genuine interest and patience to draw like you do.

Actually sir, I do know that, I'm the same as you, my brain typically leans towards the maths, logic and reasoning, I had horrible dysgraphia which made it impossible to draw or write anything because my hands would shake horribly, I started learning to draw because I thought it was meaningful and hated how inadequate I felt when I tried to draw. It took years to get to a point where I even told anyone I drew

But your original reply was dismissive of my comment. My comment was what any person might say and was actually complementing your talent (which you yourself later said was difficult to achieve). I really don't see what problem you had with it.

Because the word talent is fucking insulting, what part of doing something 8 hours a day and sucking at it spells the word talent out to you?
It's completely dismissive

I didn't use the word "talent" in my original reply. I only used it after you introduced the word into the conversation.

I think you have been very unfair in your anger towards me and I will leave it at that

u started with that 'Well, I can't draw anything' bs

Why did you downvote someone who left you a positive comment?