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Hi @francescomai, I stumbled on your work now and I must say it is really impressive. You really know how to make your pieces shine with all the lights and materials.

The only remark I would like to make is that since you use octane render and cinema 4D, try using the depth of field option to give a further notion of perspective and even more dimension to your pieces.

What I sometimes feel in some of the works is that they still look a bit flat and could really make a huge difference having this depth field helping to bring out the most important details and blur the rest.


Hello dear @kreesher thank you for your suggestion!


Your welcome!

I am also starting in steemit and posting a bit of my cinema 4D experiments, so I can appreciate someone that really have talent on this field.

Keep up on the god work and let me know when you post some piece and experiment with the depth of field to see the end result. Since now I am really curious to see how much better those renders can pop the details on your pieces.

Very interesting. For some reason it kinda reminds me of the Death Star. XD


Hello @geekpowered
Thank you very much for your comment.

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Great detail. Awesome creativity @

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Hello @steveconnor Thank you so much.