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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

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YAY I learned today! I've known the concept but never the term.

Art is always so contentious and is so damned subjective but there is a standard that should be a baseline for anyone creating, ie not plagiarizing. So many works have been inspired by other work but to outright use others work and attempt to pass of as one's own is where the problems lie.

Also I see 6 different figures/faces in your image.


Now that you know what pareidolia is, you'll have trouble seeing things, without seeing other things. Try looking at a forest from a distance. You'll see faces everywhere.

And yes, make it yourself!! So simple. And if you can't make it, sit back and enjoy what others made. That's what arts and entertainment are for.

Six is good, but there are more.

In Yosemite back late 90s there was an employee known as "Old Man Evan". He had a 3 inch tall stack of pictures that he had taken of all the various forms, images, and shadows that he saw in the walls of the valley. It was fascinating to sit and flip through his pictures and listen to him talk about the wild experiences he had.

People have been staring at clouds and seeing ducks for millennia. I always wondered why we can see these things. Apparently we're hardwired to predict visuals before we see them. Faces are the most profound, because we'll rarely forget one.

We are hard wired for it from our evolution out of hunter gatherers. The flight or fight response is called upon regularly still but back then it was imperative to have a split second response, or faster if you "see" something. Many times it was likely nothing but the times it wasn't the seeing something saved a life or more.

Now people just see emojis everywhere...

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