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I wanted to give a shout out to fellow Steemian @nehab who is an artist whom I've had the pleasure of interacting and meeting before. She has released a book about her art work and had shared the details with me about it sometime ago.

My mom and I were curious and excited to check it out so we ordered it on Amazon. It came in today and since I've been super busy I could only glance through it quickly. But suffice to say from my first impression the art works are just awesome. She's shared quite a bit of her work in the past on Steemit as well.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-10 at 4.25.00 PM.jpeg

There are many pictures of her art, poems and other literature in the book including her journey as an artist. As someone who has artists in the family I feel it's great to see more artists publish their work in different ways.

A picture with her from a meetup in Delhi.

It's not easy to author a book. It takes a lot of time and effort. Painting takes even longer. If you are interested in the book you can buy it through the following ways and support her work.


It's listed on Amazon sites for different countries and she has all the details and more information about the book on her blog

All the best with future art works and any books you will author Neha! Cheers.

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She sounds a good artist and hard worker. Congrats

Congrats @nehab!
Although I am a novice in understanding art forms, I used to love her art and the way she used to describe them. I do miss her posts but now I know where she was busy.

Neha is a great artist and a wondeful person, I am happy to see you giving her a shoutout Meghan !

Sweet frends

Thank you @firepower. I am honoured by your shout-out support. I am so blessed to receive your and @geetharao's support , love, appreciation and friendship. It means a lot to me. Thank you. ☕📖🌹🍰💕😊

You are right, @firepower, it is not easy task to author an art book. I remember your mom's book on your grandfather's work. I have it and go through it . You come from a family of artists, - great artists. 💕