Sketchy Not So Much Doings

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Well in continuation of my Sketchy Doings series I'm presenting some sketches drawn during Winter/ Early Spring.
Not so much story behind these sketches, being from a somewhat less eventful period, but I think they're worth showing.

The Albion Hotel in Guelph. I made another one from the steps of the Cathedral across the steps, but not as good as this one.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Guelph. I tried to capture the fading graffiti and BTW if you're going to tag anything you might as well make it love.

Elora Mill at Elora Gorge. Drawn from the footbridge over the river; my hands froze so the drawing is incomplete. To be revisited.

Front patio at the Yeti Cafe in Kitchener. That dog was a champ, held still the whole time I was drawing him.

Here is another incomplete sketch, this time of the Princess Cinema in Waterloo Ont. I stopped when I realized I'd botched the perspective and dimension at the edge of the building past the streetlight.

The Princess is housed in Huether Hotel. I'm currently working on a drawing of the front of the building that I will do a little at a time, then post here as a time lapse or series. Thank you for taking the time read this and check out my work.

Writing and images by Greg McCann, the author of this post and owner of this Steemit Channel. To view more of my work, please visit


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