A Fist so Light

in art •  9 months ago

I wrote this after I accidentally insulted a Russian man in a bar. He wanted to fight me. He grabbed me and as we were locked together I told him, "Spakonia Noche" which means 'good night' in the Russian language. He was so surprised that 1. I knew he was Russian, and 2. that I spoke Russian.
In the end, he warmed to me and we drank beer together while complaining about various societal structures.

A Fist so Light
Wonder Wo!
Dear companion, let us breathe the same air.
Frightfully, may your odd behavior take care.
Oh gentle friend of the moment, forgive me if I may rap.
And, on your face of night I must tap.
With a fist so light.
Oh, gentle comrade of the age.
Let us wait to turn the page.
My vision you will grasp, and they will read.
For it will be, your soul I’ll lead.
With death on my side, I will take to you to safety.
Music of life, times of goodness, and memory of wisdom.
You will say;
‘Let me be forgiven, and let me come in’.
We can all, to a heart of darkness,
laugh away the tears of sadness.
And what’s one will be.
And what’s you will be no more.
The window remains unclosed.
Your spirit we will wait upon.
Come in and rest, put wind in my heart and feet.
Create me,
With fists so light.

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