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This past November, on a Friday morning, I lost a close friend and I still can’t get over the crushing heartache. Ruby Rose, "Rubes", I only knew you for 4 months, and in that time you showed me nothing but sweetness and love. The 113 days and nights I spent with you have completely changed my life. I will forever miss the without-fail kisses you’d give me on my wrist as I’d scratch your ear and fluffy cheek... the way you’d shake your head whenever you’d get excited for food or walk... the way the kids down the street would call you “lion”... the way you’d pause our walks to get loving from strangers. Never did I expect I’d fall in love with a pup so deeply and in such a short time. Your departure was so sudden — too sudden — one minute you were there, the next you were gone. The image of you fading away in my arms will be forever branded on my mind. My heart, my mind, my entirety refuses to make peace with what happened. I will miss you like mad you sweet lion, you gentle teddy bear. And although I couldn’t call you mine, what I wouldn’t give to bring you back. I will miss you and love you forever, you beautiful angel ❤️🦁❤️ Hug those you love today, every day, and tell them you love them.

Rubes copy.jpg

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OMG SO SAD :( Did you have a pomeranian dog? Aawwwww ; ___ ; I love those doggos so much ... I have always have pomeranians as pets and they are the most beautiful, loving, affectionate, gorgeous little fellows <3

The drawing is very beautiful, and it captures your sadness and your bond with your Ruby Rose~

All my hugs for you, @eyedrip <3


Thank you, that's very kind of you. She was a chow chow -- basically big pommies. I hear they're super sweet as well!


A chow chow !!! Those are so fuzzy <3 Like teddy bears !!! * ___ * I love them very much~

Aaah, so sorry to hear Rubes has passed, but I feel that she was loved very well by you.... Hugs to you, @eyedrip <3


thank you!

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