Giving Out Steem On HF20!

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We are back! It's good to have this community back up and running even as we patiently wait for HF20 to stabilize fully. How is the experience on your ends our good readers?

Before the hardfolk, we were playing for 3 steem in our comment section. Only five artists participated as one was disqualified.

Those who participated are;






We appreciate your participating.

The game was having artists introduce themselves in the comment section and maybe interact though we didn't get that much interaction. We intend to keep doing the same so keep it here!

So... Who won the 3 Steem?

Whoever was to get the most upvotes was winning 3 Steem and that first place via upvotes is @napa and @greenleaves. We were looking for a winner but it seems we have two so our admin will be sorting one them out.

3 Steem for @Napa from Eye4art :)


3 Steem for @Greenleaves from our Admin :)


To those who didn't win, there's always a next time :)


Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

Supporting the artists we highlight | Using the #eye4art tag in your art posts |Join our curation trail | Visit our Discord Community | Delegate SP to us:

Convenient Delegation Links:

30SP | 40SP | 50SP |
100SP |
200SP |
500SP | 1000SP.

Admin @tezmel.

Project founded by @erodedthoughts.



Thank you so much dear @eye4art, its my pleasure :)

Welcome :)

Wow! thanks a lot dear @eye4art
happy to win :)

Most welcome :)

Congratulations 😊

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Great job Guys. Is there an active discord for the group?

Drop a message in the one above.

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