How About We Play For A Steem?

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Hello Steemians! We hope all is well from all corners of Steem blockchain aside from Dlive's team menace. Before we start our 8th week, we thought we first play for steem.

If you are an artist; meaning you draw, paint, sculpt, do photography or poetry etc... We are giving you the chance to tell us what you do in the comment section and get a chance to win 3 Steem.


RULES Of course, there are rules...

  1. Kindly assume no one knows you and start with your name.

  2. Tell us what kind of an artist you are and upload something you have created.

  3. It has to be original work.

  4. The most upvoted work wins 3 Steem.

  5. Don't use curation trails for upvotes... Should we add if you do you are disqualified?

  6. You are free to create whatever you want.

  7. This is open everyone even those we have highlighted on our 'artist of the day'.

  8. Lastly, this is an interactive exercise so don't post anything on your blogs, just in the comment section of this post.

The game is open only for 48hrs ONLY. Have fun and make friends, we will be rewarding those who make such efforts with a 100 upvote. We will also try and upvote anyone who gets in a good entry.

Resteem to reach more artists... You can also tag your artistic peers!

Eye4art is a small team with an interest in shining a light on deserving underappreciated artists. You can support us by:

Supporting the artists we highlight | Using the #eye4art tag in your art posts |Join our curation trail | Visit our Discord Community | Delegate SP to us:

Convenient Delegation Links:

30SP | 40SP | 50SP |
100SP |
200SP |
500SP | 1000SP.

Admin @tezmel.

Project founded by @erodedthoughts.


Hi, this is napa, I mostly drawing with pencil but I almost do anything like making handmade dolls and cartoonist sculptures and etc.., here i want to show you one of my cute dolls, thank you @eye4art

Hi , this is greenleaves, I like my name because I like nature so much!
I think green is perfect in colors although all of my works are in black and white :)
I like doodling and almost do it with rapid, some of my works are original like the one that I want to share it here, hope you like my works :) thank you


Hi @eye4art.. my name is zhila and I started to paint from when I started to be one part of steemit blockchain.. I mostly paint with colorpencils but here I want to share one of my old paintings with watercolor.

thank you :)

Great idea @eye4art :) Not sure if this counts as c-squared curation material, but I'm going to put this in our @asapers contest channel to spread the news a bit :)

That would be nice of you dear. Go ahead!

hello good day, I'm billy cortes, (@ billytercero), I've always been interested in drawing, most of the time with pencil graphite.
This is one of my first drawings, long before being part of steemit. (It is the portrait of a friendly friend)


It's the first time I show it by steemit.

Thank you for your entry Billy. Good luck :)

Hi, my name is Matt Law from Honolulu, HI. I mostly do digital art these days and have a couple of webcomics online. I literally just finished this drawing before logging on to Steemit, so here's your first look at Mary Marvel (appears in DC Comics but is actually a public domain character).

mary marvel.png

Thank you for your entry. Good luck Matt :)

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Howdy! I am mango-juice . I run a photography and travel blog. I love racing bikes because.. Who dosen't! I have a group called KTM Racing gang. We rode, race and travel on our KTM BIKES . i have made a post on my gang and our sportz bikes. Here it is

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We asked everyone to upload their work here, where is yours Mango-Juice?

Here... I updated . thank u

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Plz after watching ping me here in messeges

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Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you've given for us to express ourselves.
My name is Maxwell Marcus. I am a visual artist and specializes in Pen, pencil and oil color painting.
I have great passion for drawing with pen - despite it takes a whole lot of time - I am willing to sacrifice any amount of time to see that I finish any piece whille still enjoying the process.
One of my recent pen work is the work below which I entitled "how long?" It took me about 3 weeks to complete this piece. I explored wrinkles with ball point pen.


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