Moth. My sketchbook artwork and lifestory

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In your life there is a place for fear? Afraid you something for a long time? Were you able to overcome your fears?

Every human life consists of many fears. Well, if you fear is a strong word, let him replace the word "anxiety". So, in the life of every person a lot of anxiety from significant to very minor.

For me, this anxiety was moths.


All my life I felt a wonderful combination of disgust, fear and interest in these insects. Any appearance of this insect introduced me into a stupor and a desire to hide.

This spoiled my summer vacation, because these insects were often found in the evenings.
After some time, it came to the point that I could not see photos with moths. A wave of disgust passed through my hands and my whole body began to itch!))


Once I thought that my subconscious could go too far and I need to overcome my fear. At least try to do it.

In the midst of the season, when large moths flew into the light from the window, I decided to take a big and important step for the sake of my peace of mind.

At the time of the next insect appearance in my room, I did not leave it and did not call for help from my relatives, I decided to catch the moth on my own and let it out onto the street.


I decided on this for a very long time, then I closed my eyes and finally caught the moth in my hands. He was soft and cold. Hm...It was an unusual and even pleasant feeling.

I don’t know why, but I felt that he was afraid of this minute much more than me!


He fought in my arms and froze, the word was preparing for the worst.

Going to the window, I opened my palms and saw an insect in a completely different light.

He was handsome and shy.
There is no more for fear.


Fantastic rendering, and excellent text to accompany the image as well.

I spent a good chunk of my early professional life photographing (dead) insects that were part of a museums collection in a level of scientific detail that was dizzying, involving multiple exposures focused on different parts of the body, then stacking these images together to ensure every follicle was the sharpest it could possibly be.

You've captured that level of detail in this sketch alone. Well done!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful comment!
I always thought that personal stories and experience is the best solution for a blog)
Wow, you had a very interesting job! Just a delight! I pay great attention to details, I like the work associated with this.

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Great sketch, huge talent my friend.


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thank you so much!))

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