"Garden roses will die". My oil painting

in art •  last month 

Sometimes I think that any artist is a big responsibility, because it preserves the moments, conveys the true beauty of our world and gives life to all that died long ago. Even if that life only exists on canvas.


This is the miracle you can create.


Because in our world everything is very fleeting, everyone dies, even us. We are afraid to think about it, we believe this kind of talk is very dark, but in the meantime it is inevitable, and the beautiful mechanism of the world.


Death does not become less beautiful in comparison with life, it's just two facets of our existence.

Death is the dark side of the moon our lives.


When I drew this picture in front of me was a huge bouquet of garden roses. After a couple of days roses are withered, but in this picture they will be alive and beautiful forever.


I think this is the main power of art.


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One of the best paintings I have seen. I love the sentiment behind too. Amazing work @extractum-lunae

Wow)) Thank you very much! This comment made my day! I appreciate such ratings, it helps me draw further)

dear @Estratti-luna, you are right, art makes things live forever that are gone: monuments, people, elements of nature. you have a great talent, you are lucky to be able to take a picture and transfer it to canvas. I love every detail of your painting, the colors, the nuances and all the poetry you have transmitted to us with your words.
do you think this thought of yours is also valid for abstract works? if we don't understand what kind of message they leave us?
congratulations I hope all the best for you

@road2horizon, thanks so much for your inspirational comment!
By the way, a very interesting question!
I think this is true if the artist of such an abstract work explains his point of view to his viewers. I agree that it is sometimes difficult to understand the idea of ​​a painting, especially if it is contemporary art. In such cases, if there is no description or told the artist that he was prompted to do this, then very often you get lost and you can see a completely different meaning.

Beautiful roses. I love the variety that you chose and I also like the dripping parts. The name for this painting is just perfect. Did you had it in mind before you started to paint or is this a result of the painting?

Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you very much!
The inspiration and name for the painting came to me until the moment when I picked up the brush. I think that when this happens, it makes the future picture very successful.
Flowing paint is a symbol of the withering of roses, their fragility.

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Thank you!)

The art of drawing is beautiful, you make beautiful works, deserve more recognition♡

Thank you very much! It inspires me to be more creative to please you with my work)

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