Crime scene

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What can I say...
All the autumn and Halloween rush is about having fun, partying, dressing up and decorating houses in the scariest way possible.

But not for everyone...

pimpkins 5.jpg

I wanted to post this on Halloween, but I finished it today and I couldn't wait. This is by far the most elaborated drawing I did. And the amount of layers I used beat my personal record. And I had fun doing it all!

pimpkins 2.jpg

Of course I started from a quick sketch. I have a slight different vision, but it didn't work and I changed it in the middle.
There was supposed to be a pile of pumpkins waiting to be butchered in the back... but somehow it didn't work out. I kept them though as they came out pretty cool and dramatic.

pimpkins 1.jpg

After I had that done I started with the proper outline and colouring. I tried to add some different tones here there which took a bit too much time comparing to the result. But that is just because I had test the brushes again :p

pimpkins 4.jpg

Millions of layers later, table, background colours and some bits and pieces here and there I got the final result.

pimpkins 5.jpg

Lastly some words from the scared veggies (or are they fruits?), frame and we are done :)
So many colours! It looks almost strange after the last few days posting only black and white sketches.

pimpkins 6.jpg

All graphics and text are my own.



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I think this is a wonderful and great tongue-in-cheek piece, in keeping with the season!

And unfortunately most appropriately titled too... Why do I say "unfortunately"? As it does seem to be a "Crime scene" - anyone take a look at the earnings here? Right now (as it changes pretty fast, faster than I can try to write this as well thought out as I can...) I see $0.52...

Following is the breakdown:

At the risk of retaliations, if I may ask a simple question:
Why the downvote, @ranchorelaxo? Is there something displeasing in the post itself to you?

There has been a million and one posts about why downvotes are needed or not, etc. so I'm not going to go into that area, and I know there are flag wars going on for their own reasons... - what I would like to say though is this, can you upvote posts/work that you think is right and deserving, but leave the downvotes to fight each other and other abuses... and not trample upon us, 'normal' steemians who can't afford to fight back?

This is akin to bullying and in school yard circumstances, we would say, 'Pick on someone your own size!'

Nothing beats the joy of getting rewarded for a small piece of work well done, and then having that joy snatched away through no fault of your own. That upvote by @blocktrades is not excessive, not even $10! It may not seem much to whales used to earnings of $20 and above, or $50 and more... but it means a lot to us, 'normal' beings.

In Malay, there is a saying, "Gajah sama gajah lawan, rumput mati di tengah-tengah" ~ Elephants fight with elephants, it is the grass in the middle that dies.

All I can say is - why bother to put your heart and soul, and blood and tears to make a good post, get a good reward then have it downvoted to pittance? Not very encouraging, is it?

HAHAHAHA!! Loves this!! Rip Henry!! Hope your life as. Jacko zombie is great!

  ·  last month (edited)

Ohhh you just watch him come back on the 31st to hunt us all! Payback! :D
Muaaahahaa [that was evil pmpkin laughter]

Best sleep with one eye open!!
Muaaahahhahhaha x3 (because evil laughs are best in 3s)

This is my favorite so far of all your sketches.

Aww thanks :)
Still learning of all the tricks.

Oh my, what can we eat without hesitation now? You drew that really great and moving.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing!

:D :D
Thank you! :)

maybe soil? :D

ohhh but the poor poor soil.... :P

Haha 😂. But a chemistry mix has no face :)

It will if I draw it :D :D

Huhu ewkaw, have mercy, haha. You are in the same boat :D.
Imagine the end-time scenario. Everyone goes to the street and protest, the hungry, the pumpkins, the poor poor soil and now also the chemistrymix 😅

hahah :D
Yeaaa... that will be chaos!
Ok... lets it pumpkins, but don't look them in the eye!

@miti curation project.png

Thank you :)

It's a pleasure! ;-)

It is so funny, i love it so much :D

Haha thanks :D

You've been chosen to be featured in @creativecoin's 🔥DAILY BURN🔥 post!


This is so great! How crazy it is to be able to perfectly place tiny little dots and create such powerful feelings. Just look at the horror!

Oh thank you! :)

I dunno why Henry. He must have been the fattest and biggest of them all :D
They always go first....

Such a lovely drawing and I feel sorry for Henry. Those expressions are too good. Keep it up.

Yeaaa... Henry was a lovely Pumpkin..
Thank you :)

Love it! Its a shame big whales are abusing their power downvoting good content just because they can. Newsteem has unleashed all what's wrong in this place and big fishes are really happy with their new toy destroying everyone in their path without caring the hard work people put in their posts. This new hf is not about giving more to people... is about bullying, destroying and slapping everyone that is not "powerful" enough to fight back. Then that same people that goes downvoting everyone go and post crap and get $$$ thanks to their circle jerking friends, but that's ok, that's acceptable in this place. Its funny they wanna bring lots of people to this place and move the token in the markets but do all they can to kick people away.

Great drawing and concept.

Thank you :)

Amazing work!

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