Ŕőúńd 3 őf Őŕḱtőbéŕ ~ Ćőńtéśt, Théŕé ćáń bé őńĺӳ ŐŃÉ

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We only had three entries for week two but we had 3 winners. I had to make my wife pick this week as I liked all the entries each for their own artistic merit.

Good luck to all who enter this week.

Here is the winner of week 2
Entry found here: https://steemit.com/art/@pixomanic/orc-illustration

So here begins Round 3 and this is the final round of this contest, lets see some great art and make me want to give away more than $10 in SBD.

These contest are a great way for some new members to get noticed.

Here is the payout from last week:
Screenshot-2017-10-21 Steemit.png

Anyone who would like to help me run more contest please let me know via steemit.chat
I have the same user name there.


Thanks again, everyone and @erodedthoughts for the contest and prizes.!!!

Thank you so much @erodedthoughts it means a lot to me,Soon i"ll start new drawing, just want notice one little moment, if I win in next round again - my steemit name is @anonimous not @anonymous :) this one was busy and I decide be @anonimous:) sorry for confusion

Sorry it was a typo
I'll fix it
Screenshot-2017-10-23 Steemit.png

I feel awkwardly,but thanks

That was my error, you deserve your prize. I thank you for pointing it out. Don't feel weird.

The main thing is not money but participation I think,but thanks again

Ok, here's my last drawing,hope you'll like it ork.jpg

That's awesome!

Thank you so much

My entry:
My post

I just discovered this contest, and it remind me a drawing I made last year for a festival poster (a little one, lost in the French countrysise...). I've made this orc, but the customer made me change him in a human... I was so desapointed.

So here is the lost orc! :D


An here is the entire final poster... not the same, huh?


Thank you for this contest! it's funny to put these uggly creatures in the spotlight.
I don't know if you will count this one as a participation (there is no just "one orc" and it's old), but I'm happy to share this one with orc fans :)

See you!

Very awesome but as this appears to be a paid for image I cannot accept but would love to see some of your new entries in some of my other contest. Thanks for sharing but as you guessed I can not accept this as a valid entry.

Hi @erodedthoughts!
Technically, I didn't get paid for this one but well... that's my problem. I understand your point of view and I respect it, there is no problem! I'll follow you, and I'll watch to participate in your next contests (with original drawings, this time).
Thanks again, see you soon! :)

Wow congrats to the winner! Super creepy!

This one had to win! :)

I agree with your wife! @pixomanic entry was very good!

I couldn't pick, I liked each one for a different reason. Wish I had $10 each to give you guys as they were all worthy of 1st place for their own reasons.
I look forward to your round 3 entry.

I see your problem :) I shall try my best this week to create something cool!

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2 great entries so far, tomorrow is the final day for this contest.

Thank you everyone for your entries this week, we have 3 entries and 3 winners. Art is a great way to meet people and an easy way to host a contest and share the love. I hope to enter one of my winners hosted contest in the future.
Screenshot-2017-10-29 Steemit(1).png

You are all very welcome, I know a lot of art guys on here and they had told me an Ork just made their heads hurt and that is why they didn't enter. Two of them are professional artist so I gave extra merit points to each of you not only for your awesome drawings but for also entering. This has been the hardest contest I've done according to users I know here.

Thank you so much @erodedthoughts for awesone contest