The last drawing I did at home.

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I moved out of my parents house when I was 21. Before I moved out I experienced something that can only be called extreme anxiety. Perhaps it was fear of going out into the world by myself without the aid of my parents. I couldn't leave the house without freaking out in public and wanting to shut down completely. I would get heart palpitations and stabbing sensations in my lungs. I was plagued with terrible thoughts and brain fog. Did I mention I was moving to the other side of the country? this probably made things worse.

Anyways, when the time came to leave I went through with it and drove 2300 miles to my destination in two days. I moved in with a girl and spent 10 interesting years with her before we broke up. Sometimes you just have to fight through the feelings that you may have in your life. I can't imagine what may have happened to me if I would have chickened out and stayed living with my parents. I might still be living with them today, which would be horrible.



Amazing piece! Even so long ago, your style was already forming in your true voice :) I love the detailing and the strange design <3

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The non-explicit correspondance between the text and the drawing makes me curious, and makes the story strangely meaningful. Like a comics, graphic novel or illustrated book. Great work!

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