THE NEW AGE - SONY A7III + 50mm F1.8

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It's late. I'm combing through footage. Not a whole lot happens in this. As all other content creators know sometimes a big part of making a video is finding the right music. I found this track on artlist and really liked it pared with the video. There's just something about this guys eyes. The intensity. The Rage. The focus. He just keeps pushing forward.

This is from a project i'll be releasing in the next few weeks. Filmed it back in This back in April of 2019. It will be nice to finally share it with everyone. There's just something really cool about watching fights in slow motion. Even when punches dont land the movements have the ability to be so poetic at times.

This was shot using the Sony A7III and the Sony 50mm f1.8 lens. A great combo especially when you punch in to super 35 if a little bit of extra reach is needed.

The fighters in the video are:
Jordan Mccue & Martin Iniesta

The music used in this video is:
K.I.T.T. Vs. K.A.R.R by Ian Post

That's All For Now
Much Love.


This is really cool. You are totally right, in slow motion even the misses are poetic. I wouldn't say that not a whole lot happens, there are some good shots landed on both sides. Good camera work and interesting angles.

@tipu curate

The full boxing video is about 25 minutes - A healthy mix of 4k and slow mo. I've got a few more projects and then im shooting some stuff in 24p 4k I feel like i've relied way too much on slow mo for far too long. Thank you for checking out my video. Appreciate it a great deal. If you haven't yet please consider subscribing to my youtube channel.

I was already subscribed :)

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