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I can fairly say this painting took me 20+ years to be done.
It sums all the things I've learned, discovered and looked for and yet I feel this is just the beginning.

I am learning to trust the process and be curious of the unknown.
I am learning to paint only what's requested and nothing more.
And I am eager to see where this path will lead me.

I'd love to hear your feelings about it.


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I think sometimes we simultaneously feel that, as artists, dont we? Like all of the years that we have struggled with, where we slowly slowly slowly cultivate every inch of understanding of colours, tone, values, anatomy, our tools, our style, composition, perspective, framing, etc. etc. etc.

Then we arrive at a place where we realize that we are ............ barely at the beginning! Hahahah. It is a weird feeling, but I have felt it and I can relate :)

This is so beautiful, @elenarcangeliart :) I love LOVE, i love your muted colour palette, and I love how you work with your textured bases (is this one on wood? or stone?) and i love the subtle surrealism that you conveyed here, with the bird and the woman and the title <3 Simple but dreamlike, and beautifully painted <3

Really wonderful, Elena <3 Always a treat to see your artworks, to be honest <3

Thank you @veryspider. I am very excited about this new, at least for me, way of treat the background. It is printed paper transferred on wood and then painted with oil. It reminds me of deteriorated plaster... Can't wait to experiment more!

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Just really appreciating your gentle, quiet & beautiful view of life. Much respect from Thailand. Following you.

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What a beautiful painting, Elena! Many thanks for sharing!

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