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So since i have an artists blog and i dont have a travel blog or a poetic blog or any other, i decided to write a post a little bit more personal. Well actually 80 percent of my posts are art based and then 20 percent are me, my dog, travelling if i do some and my photography which i do from time to time.

Basically through this touch time in the crypto space i think we all should stick together. Today i watched a video from Boxmining, if anyone dont know him, check out him on youtube. He is a friend of mine and i adore his knowledge about crypto. He said just exactly that, that we need to stick together and in a time when we can not actually make gains and the x on coins is not there . In these times we need to stick to the thing that will always be here. The tech and the community. We here on Steemit have both of those. I personally dont worry about steem price and even if it would be 40 cents. I would just keep me busy during that time writing more posts. That is what i suggest and wish everyone to do. Lets unite.

I myself have been a lot around telegram lately and some airdrops and i have seen that many people are just super crazy about money, about just taking and going out. And they get burned. They are the first ones who got burned. You have to be curious, yet reasonable and better results will come if you dont wait for it. And i still can not say to anyone, start doing this or that, or start a steemit blog and you will get thousands. What i can say is that you can work, you can work how hard you want, you can communicate, you can EARN something at least compared to nothing on facebook, and you can build and be a part of a movement, a revolution. I think it is enough for the beginning.


I included a link to my verification post:

You can also check out my youtube channel:

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very positive thoughts and I like your art work keep it up
best wishes to you.
Awesome photo


Hey! Thanks so much:) Good to see you here

Where are you from? I can not recognize the monument :(


Oh i am from Latvia. The monument shows one of our most famous poets

Excellent advice, @edgarsart. Especially affectionate because it comes from a person who has not rested on his laurels and who is progressing little by little. I think whoever's here for money will basically feel like they're wasting their time and wasting their talent. But he who thinks that this is a good platform to make himself known and explore new ideas, will continue to bet on the growth of him and steem. I support your words!


Oh yea i so agree with you. I have seen steem at 12 cents too and some people are just too greedy and those who stayed through it got way bigger reward. And now too i think the same applies

For a young person, I see you have very clear ideas. Congratulations!! That is the attitude with which negative moments must be faced. If we want to make the most of something, we must work and put hopelessness to one side. Happy Tuesday.


Oh thanks! Well i actually have been like this always. When i was still in school too, everyone said, teachers too, that i was serious, thinking all the time

Nice one man
Keep steeming

sometimes it's good to hear or read what those who have more time on this form think and what the secrets are to being where they are are. Thank you for expressing your opinion! What you have to do is work, that's the real secret.


Loved the end sentence you wrote!!! Exactly. Have to work. Even the things you like or love, they ask for work too, can not let it go as it is, have to control it and guide it in the right direction!

I know a lot of people who have their shoulders down because they can't get the money they want with every publication they make. I think the idea is not to despair or stop working. Keep doing your best, because this is a wave that will pass!


Yes, i agree. It is hard to see that. I also have troubles with seeing the bigger picture sometimes, and i think it is just the human nature, to rush things and getting desperate too fast at some moments

Nice friend, you are looking handsome in pictures.


excellent article friend @edgarsart, are very realistic and meaningful words good for me they are, you are a genius in both art and stories, these are some nice photos friend
have a nice afternoon greetings from Venezuela <3


Oh nice, greetings back from Latvia too!!!
I think i may not be genius, but i try my best in these tough times:)

ah! some new info revealed about you ..... thanks for sharing. And photographs are also awesome :D


Have to from time to time:D

So stern and serious in your photos.

You need to get your girlfriend to tickle you before taking the next ones ;-)


Oh she does, i cant hide from her :D

nice picture of you :) , and i agree with you , we must work ,and steemit is a nice place also for Artists , just needs patience :)

That's something I've wondered, really need to have several blogs to talk about different topics when it is easier to do it from the one you already have? Either way it's nice to read a little more about you, nice pictures you look good :)

Nice meeting you, Edgar! 😃