Latest Commissioned A3 Size Pencil Portrait By EdgarsArt Part 2

in art •  3 years ago  (edited)

I will make this second part since i will have one more part of this.
Yesterday in the evening i posted first part of this, where i did the eyes and a little bit of the nose. I said i will draw this for an hour more, and so i did. Here is what i could do when i was sleepy already. I worked on hair and i used very soft pencil, just because of the blond hair and i will work later with an eraser too, when i will smudge the background, which will be later in the very end.

Now just 10 min ago i woke up, so i will work on this for about 3 hours to complete this and than i will go and ship it. I will make photos as usual for you all to see. She has a scarf around her neck too that is why yo can not see her lips etc, and that i will draw using 2B

I included a link to my verification post, that all of the drawings posted here are done by me:
More of my art you can find on my twitter page:

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