How To Draw A Hedgehog Video soon By EdgarsArt

in #art7 years ago

So it is time for a new How To Draw video!
This time i also managed to find something i have not been drawing before, not even with charcoal and not on video!
This just might be one of the cutest sketches i have ever made!! Actually this took me about 30 minutes, so i will not have to spend a lot of time editing this. I think maybe in my next post already i will be able to publish it.
I think this will be a very interesting video, since i recently started to draw more detailed sketches, and the whole body and the face, not just an eye, or some minimalism works. I think drawings like these are more interesting to see, how they are developing.


I included a link to my verification post, that all of the drawings posted here are done by me:
More of my art you can find on my twitter page:
I also have an Ebay where it is possible to purchase some of my original drawings:


@edgarsart Beautiful drawing, cute hedgehog.

Thank you:))

Oh, so cute hedgehog! A good drawing.

Hello .. How are you today ... I hope you are well ... ... Beautiful this art work ...

Thank you:) Been busy these last days

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